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We are a family-owned business producing cereal-based foods. We offer breakfast products, mixes for preparing plant-based burgers, for baking bread and balanced lunch meals. We also provide a wide selection of flours, groats and legumes. We suit everyone and we would like to join our customers on every meal. Our mission is to produce the healthiest products possible while respecting the planet, so we are constantly expanding our certified Organic offer. By choosing Soligrano products, our customers know that they’re selecting a safe, tasty and smart option.


Soligrano, a Polish brand in love with cereals. We specialize in puffed grains products that meet the highest quality standards. Cereal expansion is carried out by treating the cereals with steam under very high pressure. The gas released from the inside of the grain changes its structure, increases its volume. The end product is very light, tasty and contains most of the nutrients.

  • About Soligrano

    Soligrano is a family-owned Polish brand offering products from puffed cereals that meet the highest quality standards. The company is an entity related to OrganikAgro Foods – the largest and most modern producer of puffed grains in Poland.

  • Company vision

    We constantly strive to improve our activities, investing in the latest production technologies, raising the qualifications of our employees and research and development activity. Thus, we strive to increase the company’s potential and value, successively increasing its share in the Polish market and export markets. The Board of Soligrano and OrganikAgro Foods

  • Mission of the company

    We want to be a leading brand of light and delicious food products from puffed cereal grains, with a wide range adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers. We want to achieve this through a unique offer of healthy and original products and their high quality.

    Each proposed product is carefully checked and tested for its effectiveness, innovation, functionality and security. It is very important for us that our products are a rich source of nutritional values, while also having a positive effect on the human body.

    The Board of Soligrano and OrganikAgro Foods

What makes us stand out

SOLIGRANO Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pt.: „Zwiększenie międzynarodowej ekspansji przedsiębiorstwa oferującego produkty z branży spożywczej”.

Głównym celem projektu jest zwiększenie poziomu handlu zagranicznego przedsiębiorstwa poprzez wdrożenie działań rekomendowanych w modelu biznesowym w zakresie internacjonalizacji. Intensyfikacja międzynarodowej ekspansji przedsiębiorstwa przyczyni się do wzrostu obrotów w handlu zagranicznym oraz pozyskania nowych partnerów biznesowych. Efektem projektu będzie zwiększenie konkurencyjności spółki na nowych rynkach zagranicznych.

Wartość projektu: 434 067,00 zł

Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 299 965,00 zł