Soligrano is primarily a producer of puffed grains. Our main goal is to provide the consumer with a ready, safe, high-quality product that meets their expectations. However, in accordance with its principles and the world around us, the company does not forget about local communities, associations, sports clubs or the natural environment.

  • Soligrano works for health

    We know that health is the most important thing, and developing good habits pays off in the future. That is why Soligrano strongly supports various sports activities, from marathons, through local running, to campaigns in sports clubs.

    We start with education. We want to teach children and young people how to live in harmony with nature, with ourselves and effectively, to use time for the benefit of our body. To this end, we implement a program to support education in the field of healthy nutrition.

  • Environment - we are eco!

    We are fully aware of the role and importance of the environment. We want to care for them and minimize its pollution. That is why we have introduced water and energy saving systems.
    We focus on recycling. We have implemented a number of devices that help in the segregation of waste and prepare them for further processing outside the enterprise. In addition, we ensure that the amount of waste is minimized at every stage of project creation, implementation and during production.

    We monitor the packaging market on an ongoing basis, we look for solutions suitable for the food industry, which are also environmentally friendly.

  • Society - we help!

    We share with others. We work with with Food Bank, representatives of the “Paczuszka dla maluszka” or Sweet package campaign. We want to support those in need and bring even a temporary smile on their faces. We support young people whom we gladly invite for apprenticeships and internships allowing them to “develop their wings” and improve together with our passionate team.

    We think about consumers with health problems. This, largely for them, we have created the Soligrano BIO product line, which are made from organic farming and do not contain artificial additives, as well as the gluten-free range, which we are constantly expanding. We want to act to have at least a minimal impact on the fight against climate change and environmental pollution. We support people giving up animal products by creating a line of vegan and vegetarian products.