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Soligrano is a Polish family brand that provides B2B products and solutions to many industrial sectors in Poland and worldwide as part of the B2B offer. We offer conventional, organic and gluten-free products, which are used, among others in the breakfast, bakery, vegetarian and vegan, confectionery, chocolate, refrigeration, ready meals, ready-made meals, ice cream and salty snacks. We are the best partner in B2B solutions, we have extensive experience in many innovative projects and implementations, also in the field of private label. We support our partners in the search for new ideas for the use and use of Soligrano puffed grains.  

Soligrano Product Catalog     Product B2B

  • Baking

    • enriching bread crumb with natural cereal grains
    • various toppings for bread and rolls
  • Confectionery

    • chocolate ingredient
    • ingredient of fillings
    • ingredient for cakes and biscuits
    • component of masses and creams
    • crunchy praline filling
    • decorative element
  • Dairying

    • yogurt enrichment
    • cheese addition
    • as breakfast cereal to milk
  • Additions to dishes

    • A healthier replacement for soups (also in flavors)
    • Salad topping
    • Food fillings
    • Sauce thickeners
    • Ripples for fruit mousses

B2B Contact

phone: +48 43 655 51 11