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We are a family-owned business producing cereal-based foods. We offer breakfast products, mixes for preparing plant-based burgers, for baking bread and balanced lunch meals. We also provide a wide selection of flours, groats and legumes. We suit everyone and we would like to join our customers on every meal. Our mission is to produce the healthiest products possible while respecting the planet, so we are constantly expanding our certified Organic offer. By choosing Soligrano products, our customers know that they’re selecting a safe, tasty and smart option.

Half-puffs – semi-puffed grains

  • Ryz bialy polekspandowany

    Round white rice

  • Polekspandowana pszenica durum

    Durum wheat

  • Polekspandowane zyto


  • Polekspandowany jeczmien


  • Polekspandowana pszenica zwyczajna

    Soft wheat

  • Polekspandowany orkisz


  • orkisz lamany

    Spelt - semi-puffed cut grains

  • Pszenica durum lamana polekspandowana

    Durum wheat - semi-puffed cut grains

  • Owies lamany poleksapandowany

    Oats - semi-puffed broken grains