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BIO Chickpeas 500 g

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Product description

Did you know that chickpeas have large amounts of vitamins and micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body? Chickpeas are a legume with high protein content. The possibilities that it gives us in the kitchen are almost endless: you can use it to prepare chops, hummus, sandwich pastes, add to pasta, and even make chocolate pudding. We can successfully call it a superfood. Although chickpeas are mainly associated with a vegan or vegetarian diet, this doesn’t mean that they are not good for everyone! It is worth including it in your daily menu!

A method of preparing:

Soak chickpeas in cold water for about 12 hours prior cooking for best result. Rinse after recommended time and put into boiling water. Cook over low heat for about 90 minutes until tender and soft. At the end of cooking, add a pinch of salt.

A 500 g container contains 10 portions of 50 g.

Nutrition declarations:

  • high fiber content
  • high protein content

Ingredients: organic chickpeas

The product may contain gluten.

Recipe inspiration for salad with broccoli, pomegranate and roasted chickpeas you can find here.

Soligrano wishes you a tasty meal!

Nutritional values

Nutritional valuein 100 g
Energy value1412 kJ / 336 kcal
Fats6 g
including saturated fatty acids0,6 g
Carbohydrates43 g
including sugars11 g
Fiber17 g
Protein19 g
Salt0,06 g

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 20 cm