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Buckwheat BIO 500 g


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Product description

The beneficial properties of buckwheat seeds have already been valued by the ancient inhabitants of East and Central Asia. We have known her in Poland since the 13th century. Buckwheat helps to maintain normal energy metabolism, supports the functioning of the immune system, helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.

BIO buckwheat was made from cereals from certified organic farming. It is free from GMOs and pesticides. It is an excellent base for many dishes.

A method of preparing:

Rinse the groats with plenty of water. Pour the washed groats into boiling salted water and cook for about 10 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally. When the porridge is soft, strain it. The proportion of groats to water should be 1: 3. A 500 g container contains 10 portions of 50 g.

Nutrition declarations:

  • gluten free product
  • source of dietary fiber

Nutritional values

Additional information

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