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Gluten-free poppy seed cake with quinoa


  • 1 can of poppy seed mass
  • 200 g of puffed quinoa
  • 100 g of butter
  • 50 g of multiflorous honey
  • 1 bar of plain chocolate
  • 20 g of almond flakes
  • 20 g of candied orange peel
  • 3 Eggs (whites)


Melt the butter, add honey, then the puffed quinoa and mix until the ingredients are combined. Place the prepared quinoa on the bottom of the baking tray lined with baking paper. Combine the poppy seed mass with the whites of 3 eggs, also stirring until the ingredients combine, then place the poppy seed mass on the quinoa and put it in the oven heated to 170 * C and bake for 60 minutes.

After cooling down , cut into portions, decorate with melted chocolate, almond flakes and candied orange peel.

Recipe author: Soligrano Culinary Academy. Want to share our recipe on your website or blog? Contact us!

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