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Millet marshmallow


  • 1 liter cream 36%
  • 25 g Gelatin
  • 70 g Millet in honey with raspberries SOLIGRANO
  • 300 g Bitter chocolate
  • 300 g Milk chocolate
  • 40 g powdered sugar
  • 50 g vegetable oil (rapeseed)
  • 50 g sugar

Preparation of marshmallow:

Grind the millet with raspberries using a blender, divide the cream by pouring 200 ml into the pot and heat it to boiling, put it off the fire, add gelatin and mix thoroughly so that no lumps are formed. Pour the rest of the cream into a bowl and beat it with a mixer until fluffy, add powdered sugar, ground porridge and dissolved gelatin. Pour the resulting mass into a flat dish (so that the resulting layer is about 2 cm), then put it in the freezer. After freezing, take out a single sheet and cut it into squares / rectangles of any size (we suggest a 2 × 2 cm cube).

Preparation of the chocolate glaze:

Crush the chocolate into small pieces into a bowl, and then dissolve it in a water bath until it is homogeneous. After taking it out of the bath, add vegetable oil and mix thoroughly to make the mass uniform and shiny.

We cover the milk cubes with the prepared chocolate carefully and leave them on the grid until the excess chocolate is dripped and solidified (in the case of frozen cubes, the amount of sticking chocolate will be greater and it will solidify faster). As a finish and decoration, we use raspberries, which are in the packaging of Puffed millet with honey with raspberries or millet caramels, which can be easily prepared.


Pour sugar into the pan, heat it up to caramel and add millet to it. Stir and pour on baking paper, wait until it cools down and then just crush it, the resulting caramels can be used to decorate the resulting marshmallow, giving it extra crunchiness.


Recipe author: Soligrano Culinary Academy. Want to share our recipe on your website or blog? Contact us!


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