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Salad with fig, carrot, pumpkin and einkorn


  • Salad mix – 100 g
  • Fig – 1 pc
  • Mini coloured carrots – 50 g
  • Marinated pumpkin
  • Marinated red onion
  • 2 Oyster mushroom
  • Puffed BIO einkorn
  • Butter – 50 g
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Red wine

Spices: salt, sugar, bay leaf, allspice, white wine vinegar


Mini carrots – peel and cook in water with salt and sugar so that they are slightly soft. Cut the carrots in half and fry them in butter with salt and sugar.

Fig – put a little bit of sugar into the pan, after it dissolves gently pour red wine, wait until it evaporates a little and add figs cut into 6 pieces – fry everything.

Red onion – prepare marinade (water, salt, sugar, bay leaf, a few pieces of allspice, white wine vinegar). Boil it all down – the marinade should have a sweet and sour taste. Set the boiled marinade aside for 10 minutes and put peeled and chopped onions into it. Hint: It is best to prepare such onions the day before, so that they can soak the flavour. You can also use them for other salads, roasted meats, cold cuts and cheeses.

Pumpkin – you can buy marinated pumpkin in the store or make it yourself.

Recipe for marinated pumpkin: Prepare marinade (about 1 litre) – water, salt, sugar, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 anise stars, 3-4 cardamom seeds, a piece of sliced ginger (50 g). If you like it hotter, add some chili peppers (without seeds). Boil the mixture and finally add white wine vinegar. The marinade should taste sweet and sour with a hint of spices. Set the marinade aside for 10 minutes and add to it peeled pumpkin cut into 1×1 cm cubes. Hint: it is also best to repare this pumpkin at least a day in advance.

Oyster mushroom cut off the stems of each mushroom, cut the remaining part into strips and fry in a pan with salt, a bit of pepper and sugar.

Once you have all ingredients ready you can start arranging them on the plate: start with lettuce, then some pumpkin cubes, onion pieces, fried fig, oyster mushroom and carrots. Gently pour olive oil and lemon juice over everything, and finally sprinkle with puffed einkorn.

Have a look at the picture of serving suggestion.


Soligrano wishes you a delicious meal!

Recipe author: Chef Kolumna Park.

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